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Setting up a wall aquarium

A well-maintained and attractively decorated wall aquarium can be far more interesting than watching tv......

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Simple to install

The aquarium and frame are bonded together. Simply establish a location for your new iQuarium (ensuring behind plaster is a solid brick or block wall, not hollow or stud partition). Each iQuarium contains the relevant fixings and brackets. The aquarium then simply clips and locks tight and firm to the L Brackets in one go, leaving you only to put in the gravel water and plug in. If however you require assistance we will gladly arrange an installation engineer to install your aquarium. Please ask for details.

Servicing of your iQuarium

Once a month change 10% of the water in the Aquarium, remove the x2 quick change cartridge filters and rinse filter media and add the Water Treatments we recommend, and this will keep the aquarium in show room condition. You will only spend about 30 minutes on the iQuarium per month to keep it looking as good as the day it was installed, due to the quality of the filtration system supplied.

Fish Selection

Due to the narrowness of these aquariums we recommend small tropical fish, e.g. bright blue and red neon tetras, glow lights, zebra, danios, guppies or any of the small tetra family, remember when these fish are fully grown not much bigger than a match stick.

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