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Please browse our range of iQuarium's. These stunning wall mounted fish tanks and wall hanging aquariums are beautifully integrated solutions to your desire for a fish tank on the wall. Full of wow factor, these tanks have quite an impact, either in the home or a place of business - What's your perfect iQ?

Curve If your looking to be different then this is the iQuarium for you! Simply stylish, enough said. Product Details
Panoramic This slender low profile iQuarium creates a breathtaking focal point of light, movement and contemporary style in any room. Product Details
Rectangle A bold statement! This perfectly balanced moving picture will look stunning wherever you place it. Product Details
Round A room with a view! This unique design will create a talking point wherever itís placed. Product Details

Discover Your Perfect iQ
round wall aquarium
panoramic wall aquarium curved wall aquarium rectangular wall aquarium
Round Panoramic Curve Rectangle
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